Winning in the Cloud: Big Bank Makes a Big Bang with Google Workspace

Make no mistake: the world of business is being transformed by the cloud. While brand new categories like ridesharing and video streaming steal the headlines, a quiet revolution is underway as established industries are beginning to achieve broad and deep results by embracing cloud. One case-in-point is the financial services industry.

Recently, Maven Wave partnered with a top ten, North American bank as they elected to make a bold and holistic jump to Google Cloud. With over 750 branches in the United States and over 65,000 internal users with more than 15,000 shared mailboxes, this institution has a large and complicated infrastructure with significant regulatory obligations. Read our white paper to learn how they benefited from switching to Google Workspace.

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How Google Workspace Supports Transformation in Financial Services

Financial services organizations can utilize Google Workspace to drive transformation because it enables stronger partnerships through collaboration, ultimately resulting in an enhanced culture of innovation.

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First Priority: Security

From the beginning, the objective of transforming the enterprise went hand-in-hand
with an unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest possible standards of security. We explain how the company protected highly-sensitive customer information to comply with strict regulatory guidelines.

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The Keys to Successful Transformation

Success in digital transformation boils down to ensuring that there is alignment between success metrics and your business strategy; building a thriving agile culture in the organization; and establishing strong communication and change management practices.

“The ability to lower costs and rationalize services is fundamental to the shift to public cloud, but these reasons only begin to scratch the surface when it comes to revealing the profound ways in which it can fundamentally transform the way we work, foster a climate of collaboration, and accelerate innovation and performance.”