Understanding the Principles of Cost Optimization

There are many financial benefits of moving to the cloud, if you optimize your usage. Getting more out of your cloud resources can translate into more customers served, more issues resolved, and more adaptability for the overall business. Using your cloud resources more efficiently can help your team and business adjust to the new realities brought on by this unpredictable time, and be as effective as possible.  

In this white paper, you’ll learn proven strategies and detailed techniques for compute, storage, network, and data analytics, and tactics to manage and optimize costs. You’ll also get real-world examples of enterprises that have achieved operational efficiency.

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Principles and processes to optimize cloud costs

This guide establishes how to understand value vs. cost and implement standardized processes from the get-go. Then, it provides details on how to review and repeat for best results, dives into the tools of the trade, and explains how to prioritize recommendations.


How to optimize compute, storage, and networking costs

Find out how to prepare to save and clean up your storage when you move to the cloud. The guide also details considerations and tips for retention, access pattern, and performance. It also provides tips on how to understand network traffic flows, identify “top talkers,” when to use a VPN, optimize usage for your network, and more.


How to optimize data analytics costs with BigQuery

Learn about the basics of pricing in BigQuery and the difference between flat-rate vs. on-demand pricing. Then dive into cost optimization techniques in BigQuery for query processing and storage.

“We see that for many cloud customers, it’s often something of a Wild West—where engineering spins up resources without standardized guardrails such as setting up budgets and alerts, appropriate resource labeling and frequent cadence to view cost from an engineering and finance perspective.”