The Total Economic Impact of Google Workspace

Leading companies from around the world are tapping into Google Workspace to transform how they work, and it’s delivering measurable results.

For this study, The Total Economic Impact™ Of Google Workspace, Google commissioned Forrester Consulting to quantify the key benefits of moving to Google Workspace―from productivity and efficiency improvements to top-line revenue growth.

Google Workspace offers a set of work applications that help organizations transform their businesses. To better understand the benefits, costs, and risks associated with this investment, Forrester interviewed eight enterprise customers with years of experience using
Google Workspace. Read the study to understand how implementing Google Workspace will impact your organization.

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Key Financial Findings

The report details key financial findings, including top-line revenue growth, increased efficiency and productivity gains, reduced security incident costs, reduced risk and cost of a data breach, reduced Capex and opex, and subscription and implementation costs.

The Google Workspace Customer Journey

A breakdown of the customer journey from before and after investing in Google Workspace. This includes call-outs of key challenges, why those interviewed chose Google Workspace, and key results with Google Workspace.


Analysis of Benefits and Costs

The report goes in-depth on each benefit and cost identified to show exact numbers and outcomes for those interviewed and ends with an overall financial summary.

“We needed to fundamentally change in order to survive. A lightbulb went off with Google Workspace being that lightning rod for our team members to start to see — we’re serious about transforming as an organization, and this is how we’ll survive in the financial services space going forward.”
SVP of technology, financial services industry