The Future of Insurance: How Insurance Leaders Can Stake Their Claim

An insurance claim is a critical point of contact between a payer and its customers. In fact, for many customers, it’s the only point of contact, which means the first interaction they have with their insurance provider — beyond paying monthly premiums — happens when they need immediate attention. That’s why making this process as smooth and seamless as possible has become a top priority for an increasing number of payers.

However, the insurance industry is faced with a complex challenge: embracing digital transformation. But overcoming this hurdle is crucial to addressing long-standing business goals, such as:

  • creating new products and services, 
  • improving efficiency, 
  • increasing revenue, 
  • boosting customer loyalty,
  • and enhancing profitability.

To that end, we’ve created this white paper, which delves into several broad and complex obstacles the insurance industry faces — and solutions to address them.

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Insurance Transformation in Action

Learn how changes to your claims process can help improve performance and create entry points for disruptive insurtech innovators.




Technologies That Drive Claims Innovation

Take a look at some of the most promising and useful insurtech technologies on the horizon.


What Insurance Incumbents Need To Win

Discover the winning strategy to attack the most pervasive issues facing the industry while increasing profitability.

“Insurtech innovators are leading the way, and incumbents can learn many valuable lessons by observing and emulating their efforts and activities.”