The Data Cloud Journey Playbook: An Enterprise Guide to Navigating Data Migration

The Data Cloud Journey Playbook: An Enterprise Guide to Navigating Data Migration

There’s no denying it: we live in a world driven by data. And for business enterprises, this is especially true. From healthcare and financial services to manufacturing and retail, organizations are turning to the cloud as a single source of truth to access and consume their data. Only in the cloud are enterprises able to maximize the true value of data and derive actionable insights across the organization.

What does this mean for your business? Simple: Agile data that’s easy to manage using cloud technology is no longer a perk, but a necessity. In fact, organizations that have yet to move their data off outdated legacy systems risk getting left behind in the dust — or worse, becoming obsolete. That said, the threat of potential pitfalls during the data migration process stops many would-be innovators from achieving their full potential through the cloud.

That’s where we come in.

If you’re ready to end your reliance on dated systems and sharpen your competitive edge, download this white paper for strategies to help you navigate the obstacles along the way.

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Identifying the Hierarchy of Enterprise Data Needs

Organizational development experts have identified six sequential steps for organizations moving to the cloud.




Building a Persona-Based Data Cloud Journey

Enterprises looking to become cloud-forward have several types of users (or personas), and none of them should follow the exact same journey.


Controlling Cloud Data Cost

At some point throughout your cloud data journey, you may encounter unexpected expenditures — and identifying the cause is critical.

“Change is not about standalone technologies, novelty products, or a single new touchpoint. It’s an amalgam of solutions working together; it’s organic transformation at an ecosystem level.”