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SAS Modernization to Google Cloud Made Easy: Transform Your Data Analytics


SAS Modernization to Google Cloud Made Easy: Transform Your Data Analytics

On-demand | 45 min

In days gone by, business professionals analyzed mountains of data by pouring over massive spreadsheets and complex models, taking precious moments from their day and leaving much room for error. These days, no matter what industry you’re in, data analysis is lighter, faster, and a whole lot simpler thanks to cloud-based technologies. With so much data at our fingertips, business leaders are able to gain more insight into their operations (and customer base) than ever — if they have the right solution.

Selling the 3 Business Values of SAS Modernization

  1. Flip the conversation away from technical pitfalls, to gaining business value
  2. Incentives to drive a data strategy partnership with Google Cloud
  3. Unlock data to make better, real-time decisions that drive operational efficiencies and reduce risk

A digital revolution is upon us as more and more organizations switch from bloated, outdated legacy systems to agile cloud-based solutions. The benefit? Deeper business insights, scalable solutions, and serious cost savings.

Stream Now

If your company is still dependent on legacy systems and facing analytical challenges, there’s a simple solution. Stream the experts at Maven Wave and Google on-demand for a webinar where you’ll learn all about the latest app/SAS modernization solution available on Google Cloud. This will help your company get out of expensive legacy software contracts and leverage the capabilities of Google Cloud, data science, and analytics.

Attendees will learn:

  •  Business Values
  •  How Google Cloud platform solves the SAS problem
  •  The migration pathways from Workshop to POC to Pilot to SOW
  •  Why Google for scale and supporting services
  •  How to get started on your journey
  •  App Mod/SAS Mod solutions


Brian Ray
Global Data Science Lead

Maven Wave

Susan Pierce
Google Solutions Manager
Analytics Data Platform