Beyond Infrastructure: Why It’s Time To Move Your SAP Data to the Cloud

For many global organizations, having a robust ERP software is a non-neogotiable. And when it comes to ERPs, a number of global enterprises rely on SAP for handling key business functions and allowing different departments to plan and access data in a unified system.

An organization's SAP system can house a vast amount of data that provides valuable insights and influences key business decisions. There's just one problem: Getting data out of the SAP system is a challenge in and of itself, and companies looking to store data in SAP HANA pay hefty fees for the privilege.

Fortunately, there's a solution in the cloud.

If you're ready to break your organization's data out of the SAP silo, fill out the form and read our latest white paper on SAP to cloud migration. Plus, learn how Atos OneCloud developed an accelerator that enables companies to implement the solution faster and access all the benefits that come with cloud storage and computing.

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The Complex Process of Extracting Data From SAP

Learn why extracting data from the SAP system is complicated and difficult — and how organizations currently contend with it.




The Benefits of SAP-to-Cloud Migration

From enhanced insights to cost-saving benefits, a bevy of benefits come from moving SAP to the cloud.



The SAP to Cloud Migration Process

Dive into the ins and outs of the SAP to cloud migration process and learn about Atos OneCloud's approach.

The question around moving SAP data to the cloud shouldn’t be “what if?”. It should be “why haven’t we already done this?”.