Webinar: Cloud Adoption Mythbusters Series

Myth #3: It’s Easy to Run Containerized Applications Across Different Clouds

On Demand| 30 min

All the cool features of the cloud don’t help if no one in your company can use or understand the cloud. What works for one company doesn’t necessarily mirror what works for another. There are many facets to consider when migrating to the cloud, especially the difference between clouds and the multitude of applications available. Having the right tools and strategy is key when it comes to running applications across these clouds.

What your company needs is a repeatable process and pattern that your team can easily follow and continue to scale the most flexibility in an environment. There are so many options to choose from, and strategies need to be realistic. Existing applications may not be 100% “cloud ready”, or stateless, or any of the other buzzwords. This doesn’t mean they don’t belong in the cloud or cannot capture infrastructure savings and optimizations.

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What can you do to set your company up for success in adapting to different applications in the cloud? How can you pay it forward to help others that are going through these same pain points?

Stream Maven Wave’s Mythbusters #3 for insights on how to set your company up for success across different clouds and adopt strategies for different environments for applications.

Attendees will learn more about:

  •  Why DevOps chases “shiny things”: Smart people tend to get caught up in building elegant puzzles, but how does this help your bottom line? What is really important that they should work towards?
  •  How to get stakeholders on board: How can you evangelize DevOps and the cloud in ways which win over the existing stakeholders? Those stakeholders have tribal knowledge, and they have unique insights into their offerings which need to be met. How can we convert them into DevOps Believers?
  •  Adopting realistic strategies and architectures: Sometimes none of the pieces which the cloud offers are the exact right fit to complete your puzzle, but that doesn’t mean the cloud can’t work for your organization. Who knows the cloud well enough to help bring mature and established services into the cloud?
  •  Why patterns aren’t just for clothes: What works for one company doesn’t perfectly work for another, but having a repeatable process and pattern that your team can easily follow and continue to scale offers the most flexibility in an environment where there are so many options to choose from.
  •  Reaching out and paying it forward: We have all been there - those long nights searching and debugging to find out that we mistyped a word, where a single letter or number can fix our problem. We tend to rely on the one-way street of searching blogs, forums, or other avenues to solve these issues, but the real value can be to just open a dialog with someone else via these methods. It’s amazing what you can find from someone else that has had the exact experience.