A Guide to Overcoming Cloud Migration Challenges

Cloud migration presents unique challenges, but the rate at which enterprise organizations are adopting the cloud is only increasing. More than 88% of organizations use cloud in some form, with almost a quarter expected to move all their applications to the cloud within 12 months. This number may even be higher than anticipated, as Flexera found that 59% of enterprises expect cloud usage to exceed prior plans due to COVID-19. 

IT experts agree that the move to the cloud is essential for a business to scale and grow, yet cloud migration challenges abound without a planned approach. A study by Dimensional Research found that, of those who set off on their journey to cloud adoption, only 4% completed the migration, with more than half citing that the transitions were delayed and over budget, and 62% considering their migrations very difficult or failing. 

Your organization doesn’t need to be one of these statistics. Download our eBook to take a closer look at what a successful cloud migration entails and how you can approach potential roadblocks head-on.

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Top Benefits of Cloud Migration

Businesses need to identify a reason (or driver) to move to the cloud to help clearly define goals for the migration and, ultimately, set up the company for success. This guide takes you through how to assess a move to the cloud and the benefits of cloud migration.

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A Proven Four Step Framework to Overcoming Challenges

This guide will take you through our proven four step framework for overcoming common cloud migration obstacles. It encompasses more than simply “building and deploying” in the cloud. Rather, it includes change management, training and education, operational readiness, and program management and cloud governance throughout each step.

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How to Measure Success

Once migration is complete, you need to evaluate the process as a whole and determine if you did what you set off to do, whether it was to stand up the cloud environment or migrate to the cloud. We’ll share some questions to ask at this step.

“More often than not, the biggest challenge lies in not having a strategic vision for the migration, but rather a “pull everything in the cloud and be done with it” mentality. When you set off on a cloud journey, you need to decide where you’re going so you can plan how to get there.”