Opening Up the Supply Chain in Retail via Collaboration
Webinar Series: Google Workspace For the Way You Work

Opening Up the Supply Chain in Retail via Collaboration


Having access to better collaboration tools in any industry makes a huge difference in productivity and innovation. In fact, 68% of surveyed users at companies using Google Workspace say they enjoy work more after adopting Google Workspace, while only 30% of their O365 counterparts say the same.

But in retail, selecting a collaboration tool comes down to more than simply worker preference. Ineffective collaboration can translate to running out of product in a store, producing a poor customer experience and, ultimately, losing revenue.

So, how can you make collaboration a norm at your company? Stream our on-demand webinar recording to see the demonstrated difference between an organization using a legacy collaboration system versus an organization working in Google Workspace.

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In the recording, our team covers: 

  • What is Google Workspace?
  • Why Google Workspace for retail?
  • Details on the legacy collaboration experience in retail
  • A case study on collaboration in the supply chain with Google Workspace
  • How Google Workspace produces outcomes that matter for retail


Blake Jines-Storey
Solutions Engineer

Maven Wave

Elias Ruvalcaba
Head of Google Workspace, Collaboration Sales
Maven Wave