How New Technologies Are Leading the Public Sector Through Pandemic Recovery

How New Technologies Are Leading the Public Sector Through Pandemic Recovery

Google and Maven Wave Partner to Deliver Virtual Career Center (VCC)

As the world looks forward to life beyond the pandemic, the technologies that cushioned the shock in 2020 are delivering for the recovery. In particular, employment services are playing a key role. Over 20 million people were put out of work by the pandemic in the U.S. alone, and many industries will be slow to recover, making it necessary for individuals to shift careers or develop new skills.

Whereas before, meetings with career coaches could have taken place face-to-face and job seekers could physically attend career fairs, states must find new and innovative ways to connect their workforce with trainings, meetings, and virtual events. And beyond that, all state services have needed to innovate to figure out how to better serve their residents when unable to ask people to show up for services in person.

To address these needs, Maven Wave collaborated with Google to develop a new virtual career center (VCC) that makes the most of modern tools and technologies to deliver augmented collaboration through video communication, improved interactions from modern portals and dashboards, and enhanced insight from advanced analytics and machine learning.

Download our white paper to learn more about this solution and how it’s helping states like Rhode Island reimage how to best serve their residents.

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The Challenge and Opportunity for Rhode Island

In Rhode Island, the unemployment rate spiked to 17 .4% in April 2020 . In March 2021 the state was tied for 40th in the nation with a rate of 7 .1% . This environment called for bold and innovative measures. Learn more about how Rhode Island led the way with the initial development and deployment of a VCC.




Bringing It All Together: Technology, UX and Modern Development Practices

Taking advantage of the intuitive, powerful and integrated technology of Google Workspace and Google Cloud, Maven Wave employed rigorous user experience (UX) principles combined with modern design and development practices to deliver a solution that far exceeds the capabilities and results that previous platforms were able to achieve.

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“Happy Accidents”: Job Fairs, Communities of Practice and Stakeholder Integration

In the case of the VCC, three early “happy accidents,” or mistaken discoveries, that helped shape the project include the utilization of job fairs, success with the development of communities of practice for career coaches, and easy integration of multiple stakeholders in a seamless and beneficial manner.

“Rhode Island had a vision for a bold new approach for delivering career services. Instead of a more traditional solution that made use of a static collection of resources and relied on job seekers to find their own way through the process, the VCC put career coaches at the center of the process as they assisted and guided prospects through individualized steps.”