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How Google Workspace Enables Enterprises to Work Safer

On-demand | 45 min

In the early days of the internet and personal computers, forward-thinking business leaders envisioned a paperless future — one where work happened exclusively on digital platforms. But when that vision became a reality, everyone quickly realized that was easier said than done. Between the rise of cyber attacks and the growing prevalence of remote job roles, moving workstreams to online spaces has come with its own unique challenges.

For that reason, it’s absolutely critical to adopt a security model that protects the assets of your company — and your employees. So, how can you ensure your company’s digital platforms are safe and secure? Simple: By establishing a zero-trust security model.

Watch Maven Wave and Google experts on-demand for insights into zero-trust methodology and how to get started with your enterprise.

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Attendees will also learn about:

  • The ins and outs of zero-trust security
  • How Google Workspace incorporates zero-trust security
  • How BeyondCorp Enterprise applies zero-trust principles to third-party SaaS applications — both public and private
  • How companies make the jump to BeyondCorp Enterprise
  • BeyondCorp Enterprise’s evaluation strategies


Kevin Powell
Global Head of Sales

Google Cloud

Marco Genovese
Global Head of Architecture
Google Cloud
Derrick Nadonga
Senior Principal Solutions Advisor
Maven Wave, an Atos Company