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How Chrome Enterprise Enables a Hybrid Working Environment

How Chrome Enterprise Enables a Hybrid Working Environment

On-Demand | 30 min

As states are reopening, returning to work from the office has become a hot topic and creating a conducive hybrid working environment is top of mind. How can companies create this hybrid work model to engage both workers in the office and working remotely? What are the tools needed to enable success?

Chrome has the tools to help companies ease into this new way of working. Even if you’ve looked at Chrome Enterprise previously, it’s worth revisiting with your company’s evolving needs in mind. In this session, Maven Wave and Google experts will walk you through how Chrome Enterprise can equip your teams to be collaborative and innovative from anywhere.

Join Maven Wave’s experts for insights on how to use Chrome Enterprise in hybrid and new working environments to maintain company culture and keep productivity high.

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Our experts will share details on:

  • The challenges of returning to work
  • How to get started with Chrome Enterprise
  • Deployment and management of hardware


Zack Lapetina
Strategic Partner Manager
Blake Jines-Storey
Solutions Engineer

Maven Wave