Webinar Series: Google Workspace For the Way You Work 

Healthcare and Life Sciences: Redefining Collaboration Across the Continuum of Care


Having access to better collaboration tools in any industry makes a huge difference in productivity and innovation. In fact, 68% of surveyed users at companies using Google Workspace say they enjoy work more after adopting Google Workspace, while only 30% of their O365 counterparts say the same.

But for healthcare and life sciences (HCLS) organizations, changing the tools the workforce is using on a daily basis can be more difficult due to the complex administrative processes, clinicians being mobile throughout the day, and the urgent nature of certain roles, such as EMTs. It truly requires an effective organizational change management program to train employees on the new tools in a way that works for them.

So, how can you make collaboration a norm at your company? Stream our on-demand webinar recording to learn how we led one HCLS organization of 160,000 users to adopt Google Workspace effectively.

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In the recording, our team covers: 

  •  What is Google Workspace?
  •  Why Google Workspace for healthcare and life sciences?
  •  A case study of a large HCLS organization adopting Google Workspace
  •  Persona mapping to drive change
  •  Organizational change management for physicians and other HCLS workers


Elias Ruvalcaba
Head of Google Workspace, Collaboration Sales

Maven Wave

Brookley Calvin
Organizational Change Management Practice Lead
Maven Wave