A Guide to Gaining The Advantage Through Data Warehousing

Cloud Foundations for Retail Banking

For financial institutions across the globe, the benefits of cloud adoption are undeniable. But a solid cloud and transformational foundation that includes everything from technology to development, practices must be established first, and one key component of this effort is effective data management.

Having a modern data warehouse such as BigQuery to run blazing-fast queries for accelerated insights is a key to building the foundation for success. Download our white paper to learn:

  • Why data warehousing is a foundational business decision
  • The expected benefits of a cloud data warehouse
  • The challenges enterprises can face when migrating to the cloud
  • Best practices in cloud data management

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Data warehousing as a foundational business decision

Only a modern, cloud data warehouse can address new analytics requirements and deliver accelerated insights in retail banking. This guide details some of the key business drivers for considering a cloud data warehouse. These include cost, scalability, flexibility, speed, simplicity, and security.


The pros and cons of a cloud data warehouse migration

It pays to go into a data warehouse migration with a transformation plan that firmly addresses risks and success criteria. This guide presents expected benefits, such as real-time data processing, enriched insights, security, cost optimization, and more. On the flip side, challenges include data residency, multi-cloud complexity, cost management, and more.

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Best practices in cloud data management

This guide also offers a list of best practices for cloud data management. Adherence to best practices that include robust data lineage, rigorous data cleansing, transparent data quality, and thorough data cataloging will lead to direct benefits for the enterprise.

“Cloud is clearly a key factor in the transformation; a recent survey from IDC found that financial services firms projected outlays of $20 billion on cloud services in 2019, putting the industry in the top three for IT spend in cloud.”