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Google Workspace Security Whitepaper

Google Workspace Security White Paper

When it comes to the modern business landscape, cloud computing has been revolutionary, impacting the way organizations manage their infrastructure, operations, and delivery of services. Google Workspace is an essential, cloud-based tool that helps organizations achieve these goals using familiar tools many people already know and love.

As a cloud pioneer, Google has a deep understanding of the security implications of the cloud model, which is why Workspace is designed to deliver better security than many traditional on-premises solutions. Cybersecurity is ingrained in Google’s culture.

To that end, Google has developed this white paper that outlines its approach to security and compliance for Google Workspace. Used by more than five million organizations worldwide, from large banks and retailers with hundreds of thousands of people to fast-growing startups, Google Workspace and Google Workspace for Education include collaboration and productivity tools to meet the needs of any organization of any size.

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Learn about Google’s security and privacy focused culture

At Google, cybersecurity is more than a goal — it’s a cultural value. Learn more about their policies and security practices.

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Discover technology with security at its core

Google’s state-of-the-art data centers ensure Workspace runs on a technology platform that is conceived, designed, and built to operate securely.


See how Google empowers users to improve security and compliance

Google actively empowers Workspace users to enhance and customize their individual security settings to meet their business needs.

“We’re committed to protecting against security threats of all kinds, innovating new security tools for users and admins, and providing our customers with a secure cloud service.”