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Is Your Enterprise Ready for the Future of Work?

Why settle for the status quo?

The future of work is here. COVID-19 has accelerated a shift in how organizations like yours get work done. Take this 2-minute assessment below to determine where you’re at on the journey to the future of work. Based on your results, our experts will reach out if we can help you on your journey with a Google Workspace Action Plan.

Google Workspace Assessment

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If you haven’t migrated completely to the cloud, you’re not alone – most enterprises are only 20% of the way through the journey.

Source: IBM, 3 reasons most companies are only 20 percent to cloud transformation


20% of an employee's time is spent looking for information. This is like hiring five people and having one person never show up for work.

Source: McKinsey Global Institute, The Social Economy

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82% of Fortune 500 executives don’t believe that their companies recruit highly talented people.

Source: McKinsey, Attracting and retaining the right talent