Google's Guide to Innovation: How to Unlock Strategy, Resources, and Technology

As businesses face unprecedented change, they are rethinking the tools and technologies they use -- and the places they need to be -- in order to innovate and grow. McKinsey research has shown that to cope with the changing environment, organizations with agile practices embedded in their operating models have performed better than their peers.

Google has spent years thinking about how to maintain and grow a culture that fosters transformation, and we want to share their learnings with you. In this guide, Google discusses steps any organization can take to quickly adapt and achieve positive results with tighter resources.

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Proven cloud technologies to build agility into your apps and infrastructure

This guide provides details on how to embrace hybrid and multi-cloud, migrate legacy applications, adopt an open cloud architecture, reduce risk, build cloud-native apps, and follow DevOps and SRE best practices.

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How to pick data analytics tools that transform insights into real-time action

Learn more about how to choose analytics products that scale cost-effectively, select tailored solutions designed specifically for your industry, choose analytics tools, protect your data, and more.

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Practical tips to enable workforce productivity outside the office

Find out how to make it easier to get work done from anywhere, make meetings more inclusive, empower teams to use the collaboration tools available to them, enable security from anywhere, and more.

“Take advantage of opportunities to share knowledge with your colleagues, your friends, even your competitors to better understand what others have learned in order to solve the same problems you have. Openness is your friend.”

Vinton G. Cerf
VP and Chief Internet Evangelist, Google