How to Get Started with Data & the Cloud
Webinar: Navigating Your Data Cloud Journey Series

How to Get Started with Data & the Cloud

On-demand | 30 min

Most enterprise companies are either in the woes of researching cloud data warehouses or in the thick of struggling to find the best strategies for cloud migration. Cloud adoption has become a must in today’s industries to be able to maximize insights from data and stay ahead of the curve of competitors. But where should companies start with cloud data warehousing?

There are several strategies to consider when taking first steps to cloud adoption and maturity. We will share ways to help projects progress at a faster rate and strategies that blaze the path for employees in these transitions. We will also dive deeper into third party tools, piloting programs, and more.

This webinar will be aimed at helping enterprise companies understand the fundamental principles of cloud data platforms and the best strategies for the first steps. This session will also offer advice to organizations on how to experiment with the value of cloud data platforms while minimizing risk, investment, and time.

Stream Maven Wave’s experts for insights on how to get off the ground with the cloud and strategies for using your data.

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Attendees will learn:

  • Why the cloud?
  • Tactical vs strategic data migration strategies
  • Data organization and ownership best practices
  • Batch vs Streaming vs Event-driven architectures
  • Cloud Native vs Open Source vs Third Party tool sets


Jay Goebel
Sr. Principal, Data Delivery Lead
Maven Wave
Frank Partica
Cloud Data Architect

Maven Wave