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Data Harmonization and Interoperability in Healthcare: Next Steps Facing Hospitals, Providers and Payers

It’s impossible to understate the importance of keeping care teams connected, informed, and in touch with their patients. In fact, there are more products on the market than ever before that aim to accomplish this. Whether it’s EMR/EHR, scheduling, billing, or PACS system, there’s an individual software solution that meets the needs of any hospital or healthcare system.

However, with the availability of so many tools addressing various provider needs, many healthcare teams find themselves with a mess of disparate systems and clunky processes. As a result, these freestanding programs don’t provide organizations with an easy method to use the vast stores of data holistically.

Now, hospitals and healthcare systems face increased pressure to unify their data stores. The CMS Interoperability and Patient Access final rule has turned clinical data repositories (CDRs) from a “nice to have” goal to a “must-have” on the to-do list. Hospital systems and payers have a target pushing them to move more quickly toward that goal, and CDRs are the underpinning of how healthcare organizations will meet this interoperability regulation.

If this sounds overwhelming, you’re not alone. To that end, we’ve put together this helpful guide that aims to:

  • untangle the rules and regulations set forth by the final rule,
  • and outline the next steps to create a harmonized system.

If you could use a hand with your interoperability and data harmonization journey, fill out the form and we’ll deliver this free guide directly to your inbox.

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Interoperability Vs. Data Harmonization

Gain a deep understanding of interoperability and data harmonization — and the differences between the two.




Data Harmonization Use Cases

Learn why data harmonization is critical to improving patient health and clinical research.

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Challenges in Data Harmonization

Understand the challenges obstructing harmonization efforts.

“Data harmonization is an important step in using data to improve patient outcomes and making healthcare more efficient,”