Webinar: Cloud Adoption Mythbusters Series

Myth #1: Moving to the Cloud Will Lower Costs

On-demand | 40 minutes

Your business has spent years building a reliable and fast data lake that works for you. Then the cloud enters the room and proudly says, “we don’t ever have capacity problems!” And you’ve probably heard that it will save you money. But how can you execute a cloud migration without disrupting the flow of your business? And is it really cheaper?

While it’s true that the cloud will allow you to keep a closer eye on spending, this often means producing simple charts showing how you spent your money, after the fact. On-prem environments typically adopt a “use it or lose it” budget strategy, which needs to be adapted for a cloud environment. And budget tracking is almost always handled per tenancy, which won’t expose critical opportunities for savings realized by changing strategies.

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On top of that, no two clouds are the same. Team A wants to use Cloud X because it has the features they want. Team B wants to use Cloud Y because it has the features they want. Team C wants to use Cloud Z because it’s the cheapest and can build the features of Cloud A and Cloud B. And cloud pitches tend to be filled with upsells talking about new, cool features, without a focus on ROI down the road.

So, what is the best solution to keep the data performant in the cloud? Is there a hybrid strategy you should use? How can we design a strategy which allows each team to get what they want, while still keeping everything fast and secure - and ultimately benefit the bottom line?

Join Maven Wave’s experts on Wednesday, April 7 at 12:00 p.m. CST for insights on how to optimize costs in the long run and what you should be looking for in cloud features.

Attendees will learn more about:

  •  The fallacy of Lift & Shift to cloud
  •  The static infrastructure trap
  •  Missing cost governance / capacity planning
  •  The cost of non-optimized operations
  •  Static budgets and cultural constraints