Webinar: Cloud Adoption Mythbusters Series

Myth #2: My Team Will Never Support a Shift to Cloud

On-Demand | 30 min

At enterprise companies, some staff still view cloud migration as a threat. A technical shift not only requires a change in tools being used, but creates cultural challenges around mindset that need to be faced in order to reach success. Change is never easy, and leading such a change is no small feat.

So, how can enterprises ensure their teams adopt this new mindset? By using organizational change management tactics to implement a successful shift to the cloud. This webinar will discuss the importance of change management, specifically in relation to cloud transformation. Additionally, there are product centered developments to drive adoption, such as DevOps solutions to ease the change for employees.

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Attendees will learn more about:

  •  Defining a vision and what’s in it for me messaging for stakeholder groups
  •  Typical change impacts encountered in a cloud transformation
  •  Ideal behaviors and culture for cloud success
  •  Effective organizational change management tactics to implement
  •  The technological shift: challenge and opportunity
  •  Using product centered development to drive cloud adoption
  •  Using DevOps solutions to ease the transition


Adam Gabor
DevOps Practice Lead

Maven Wave

Brookley Calvin
Organizational Change Management Practice Lead
Maven Wave