Anthos Under the Hood: The Technologies That Will Transform Enterprise Applications

Google Cloud developed Anthos for organizations managing applications in today’s hybrid and multi-cloud world. It was the first modern application platform to provide a consistent development and operations experience across different environments — multiple clouds, on-premises and edge. Enterprises are turning to Anthos to bring the benefits of cloud, containers and service mesh to their applications.

In this free ebook, Google Cloud provides an in-depth look at each layer of the Anthos platform and how to leverage its capabilities―so your organization can move forward with its goals of modernizing applications for the cloud era.

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Enterprise-grade container orchestration and management

This guide details Anthos’ enterprise security capabilities and platform networking integrations. It also explains how Anthos GKE meets the needs of enterprise workloads.


Enforcing policies across environments and managing traffic between services

Find out more about Anthos Config Management architecture, and how it helps with enforcing policies across environments. The guide also details Anthos Service Mesh architecture and how Anthos Service Mesh helps you monitor and manage services.


Developing applications for Anthos

Learn about the basics about coding applications for Kubernetes, creating build artifacts, securing your software, running at scale, and more. The guide also dives into simplifying the developer experience with serverless anywhere, modern CI/CD with automated development tools, and deploying enterprise-grade, out-of-the-box integrated solutions

“Anthos runs on an infrastructure layer that’s been abstracted, and applications that run on it have access to high-value services that let them run efficiently and securely, without fear of lock-in or needless complexity.”