A Guide to Datacenter Transformation: Why Business Leaders Need the Cloud After All

A Guide to Datacenter Transformation: Why Business Leaders Need the Cloud After All

The ascendance of the cloud is enabling remarkable business transformations, new initiatives and improved results for enterprise. But, underneath it all, there is one inescapable fact: business leaders don’t begin crafting strategy with the thought, “the cloud will be integral in addressing our challenges.” With that, datacenter transformation is likely not top-of-mind.

In fact, business leaders don’t start their problem-solving quest with the belief that the cloud is going to be the end-all-be-all to address their needs. Decision makers aren’t looking for the latest and greatest in technology, such as the cloud, rather, they’re looking for results.

Leaders want to lower risk, decrease cost, address complexity and, above all, achieve greater flexibility to both respond to challenges and drive innovation. Experience shows that technology looking for a problem to solve is very likely going to fail to produce outstanding outcomes, and the same is true for the cloud.

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How to “Fund the Hump”

By partnering for success to “fund the hump,” upfront costs of your datacenter transformation are shifted, freeing up critical capital to be deployed to other areas of the enterprise that can then generate immediate gains in ROI. In this win-win scenario, your capabilities increase, and you accrue all of the benefits that come with new technology.


Anatomy of a Transformation Effort

The first prerequisite for embarking on the transformation journey is commitment. Once conviction and commitment are established, a road map and game plan can be built. After an evaluation period that runs between four and eight weeks, the program begins and some benefits will arrive almost immediately.



Common Roadblocks and Hurdles

Datacenter transformation can be a large undertaking and a complicated process. After all, it likely took decades for your business processes and datacenter to reach their current level of maturity. With that in mind, we’ll cover the most common obstacles that a datacenter transformation will likely face and how they can best be addressed.

“The future of the enterprise will be driven by the cloud in all its forms and investment is flowing in that direction. Even in a climate where global demand will be disrupted or delayed through 2021 and beyond, investment dollars are surging at a rapid clip into building datacenters.”